[ACM] Room Painting and Announcements

acm at listserver.njit.edu acm at listserver.njit.edu
Thu Oct 7 14:08:39 EDT 2004

Hello everyone,

The poll for the room color is now posted in the forums at 

Go pick what color you want for the room :)   Do this soon, since I need 
to buy paint tomorrow.  Anyone who wants to help paint should meet at 
1pm on Saturday (or later, we won't turn away help if you show up later).

In other news, we currently have three nominations for secretary:  
Aileen Gonzalvo, Hmmam Alsafvjalan, and Alwin Ventura.  Nominations 
continue until next Wednesday the 13th, and elections will be on the 
20th.  Anyone interested in the position should either email 
acm at njit.edu or mention it at the next meeting.

The 20th is also the deadline for the Logo Competition.  Anyone who 
wants to submit a logo must do so by then.  There are no requirements 
for the logo other than that it must say ACM at NJIT.  If you wish to 
create a mini version of your logo in addition to a larger one, that 
will be counted as one submission.  You may submit as many logos as you 
choose.  Email all submissions to acm at njit.edu before the 20th, and the 
members will vote for their favorite logo at that meeting.  A fifty 
dollar Best Buy gift card will be awarded to the winner.

For those interested in the RoboCode competition, your robots must be 
submitted by the end of November.  Next week we will have a RoboCode 
workshop of sorts, where you can all learn the basics of the RoboCode 
API (and of Java for those who are more familiar with C++).  There will 
be prizes for this competition, though the exact prizes are not yet 

Finally, those interested in the ACM Regional Collegiate Programming 
Contest must let me know soon.  The contest will be held on November 
14th at Stevens, and team registration is due by October 24th.  A team 
consists of three people- we can send as many teams as we like, and we 
must also send a "coach" (who essentially takes care of organization at 
the event and does not compete).  These compilers will be available:  
Ada, Gnat 3.4.0 <http://www.gnat.com>; C/C++, gcc and g++ 3.3.3; Java, 
Sun JDK 1.4.2.  More information can be found at http://www.acmgnyr.org

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