***AIS*** Adam Shain For VP of Student Affairs

ams9 at njit.edu ams9 at njit.edu
Thu Apr 8 17:55:50 EDT 2004

Dear AIS Members,
  My name is Adam Shain. I know that your orginization is big on the issues on 
campus, that is why I am looking for you votes. I am running against someone 
who is greek so I neeed help where ever possible. I am running because I think 
I can best represent students in all aspect. Also with the new campus center 
being completed we will be able to re-evaluate our contract with GDS and there 
should be someone who knows a lot about the food industry to work with the 
partys that be. I have already done a lot of work with GDS, all the meal deals 
that they have I directly had a part in those. If I could have your support 
that would be great. 

Thank You,

Adam M. Shain
Newark College of Engineering Rep

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