[Cis390_group2] Your Meridius Quarantine Digest

The Meridius Quarantine Service NJIT-Mail-Gateway at njit.edu
Fri Nov 14 22:00:43 EST 2008

Official spam notification message for cis390_group2 at listserver.njit.edu

The Digest Message for cis390_group2 at listserver.njit.edu URL is  http://mail-gw3.njit.edu/quarantine/quarantine?q_uid=cis390_group2%40listserver.njit.edu&q_pw=sYWtKIcy 

Mail Recipient:

You are receiving this message because the NJIT spam detection system has quarantined spam messages sent to this E-MAIL address. This message is called a Quarantine Digest. It contains a link to your personal quarantine mail box where the spam messages are being stored. This quarantine mail box is not a part of your normal mail storage and does not affect your normal mail quota.

 We encourage you to visit your quarantine mail box where you can browse, read, delete, and/or release quarantined messages. Releasing a message will forward it to your normal mailbox. Releasing the message does not guarantee that future messages of the same type will not be quarantined as SPAM.

Quarantined messages will be deleted on or shortly after their expiration date which is 5 days after it was first received.

You will receive a new Quarantine Digest message once every 24 hours only if you have received new messages which have been identified as SPAM. Should you choose to ignore these digest messages the items quarantined as SPAM will be deleted 5 days after they were first received and cannot be recovered. The link in this Quarantine Digest message may also expire after 5 days and be invalid.

Clicking on the link in this Quarantine Digest message will take you directly to your quarantine mail box with out any additional passwords or authentication. The link contains the authentication needed for automatic access to the messages. Therefore, this link should be treated as if it were a password.

You can access your quarantine mail box at http://mail-gw3.njit.edu/quarantine/quarantine?q_uid=cis390_group2%40listserver.njit.edu&q_pw=sYWtKIcy

Additional information about this service can be found at http://help.njit.edu/spam/. 
Please contact the Computing Help Desk at extension 2900 if you have any questions.

Thank you,
NJIT Computing Services
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